Widget - interactive post-it note

Widget link on networktoolsworkshop page - OK to join


Ideas - classic of the week, book club book, poll, wordles, map for visitor locations, flickr, videos, glog, washington post timespace: world,

with code, look at placement and size and change pixels as needed

eco.netvibes.com/widgets - widget aggregator - search by topic and get code under "get this widget"

ex. of embeddable book:
news widgets - nytimes
database widgets - links on Joyce's newtoolsworkshop page

ex: Gale (access.gale.com/widgets); if you're using wikispaces, use iFrame - it's the best

hint: create a table for your page and put widgets in that (use table icon on toolbar once in edit mode)

can embed RSS feeds too on wikispaces

can also use Pageflakes like a wiki, but can be more private too. Also, can add books, news, maps, "anything flake" to embed any kind of code.