Library as Kitchen

Libratory newtoolsworkshop share your library website here for best practice, include lessons, etc.

there's no textbook for this - figuring it out as we go along; making our own cookbooks

Web 2.0 = Intellectual Freedom

Reading 2.0 - ; ex: use digital picture frames to display book covers, paste little labels inside the book (author's website, music links, myspace or facebook pages - ex: want more Bella? more Edward? Visit ...
Go to the wiki for examples

Suggested websites to go along with the book - ex: Three Cups of Tea - Afghanistan websites on delicious

Progressive Story Writing using a wiki

Have students do a video or photoshop posters - return the books! Don't Run. We'll find you.

Photoshop students into other marketing material - like READ posters, etc. (the Soloist example) - picture books online in various languages - use for foreign languages instruction and storysharing

Anita Beaman on Glogster -,

Use embeddable google books to put an entire digital book on your website - go to, find book URL (from just after equal sign to the C) and paste it on your webpage/wiki in between the ' ' (ex: "our classic of the week"). - book promotional idea ( (The Truth about Truman School - about digital bullying - recommended by Bridget)

Do your own book award for your school - Hawk Award??

Random House is putting up previews of new books, so you can put those on your wiki too - embed code is under the plus sign, Harperscollins childrens also has embeddable code, penguin code

put video widgets - ex. John Green

book trailers for summer reading list

READ posters - ala has put 4 out for free

ebook wiki - links to ebooks and to free ebooks on the web - look at Joyce's wiki on this (

"READ carpet" event

make pathfinders and have teachers assess on the assignment rubrick - good example of pathfinders, in Canada

website source - Google sites (easy to use), has templates - make a personalized webpage that has the content you want to see (like a customized home page with widgets, etc.)

give students widgets to use on Facebook pages; JSTOR has a widget for facebook

have students build iGoogle pages with tabs for various classes (not open to everyone); use pageflakes to be available to all - (anything flakes are like wildcard widget boxes...can use any kind of embeddable code in this, under HTML) - use it for groups of students to do research together - another way to do a pathfinder - it gathers web pages live for contained group of sites

ex - using voicethread for intepretation of Shakespeare

poetry cafes - under motivational, to make motivational posters - summary of presentation